Wing Commander’s Lifestyle Challenge 2017 CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

How the Wing Commander’s Lifestyle Challenge Works:
1 June – 31 Aug 2017 (but you can start anytime!)
  • Members can pick up a ‘challenge card’ at Col JJ Parr Sports Centre (front desk).
  • Mark an “X” on the card EACH DAY you are: physically active for 30 minutes+ and when you consumed 1 litre+ of water.
  • Once you meet these requirements five times, submit your card to the draw box to earn Wing Commander Cup points and a chance to win great prizes.
  • Pick up a new ‘challenge card’ and start again!
  • The more times you complete a card the better your chances are at winning a prize!
For more information contact Tovah Fenske at 780-840-8000 extension 8194.