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Re-certification/Training/Education Reimbursement for Military Spouses

Starting 1 April 2018, up to $3.5K will be available to spouses/significant others to support re-certification/training/education in order to increase the success of finding employment. 
  • Spouse/significant other must be reflected on your MPRR
  • Courses must be at a recognized post-secondary institution or adult retraining centre
  • Courses can be through distance learning
  • Courses will be short in duration, a few weeks or months
  • Courses must be related to potential employment
  • For re-certification, proof from the applicable professional association is required
To apply for reimbursement, CAF members are to complete Schedule A and Schedule H to the Support our Troops Program, attach detailed receipts dated after 1 April 2018 and a copy of your MPRR.  Registration for NPP Direct Funds Transfer is also required if you have not previously registered.

Schedule A, H and all supporting documentation is to be hand-delivered to Teresa Boisvert, SISIP Financial Counsellor, located in the CANEX Mall. Once approved by national authorities, reimbursement will be deposited directly into your bank account.