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Briefings and Presentations

The Health Promotion Department offers briefings, presentations and workshops to Squadrons/Units/Sections upon request. We have put together some examples of topics we provide below; however, we can tailor the topic based on the request.

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General Information
  • Introduction to Health Promotion: Learn what Health Promotion at 4 Wing can offer to your Unit to enable your members to make healthy lifestyle choices.
Addictions Awareness and Prevention
  • Cannabis and Health: Learn about what cannabis is, how it is used, and its health effects.
  • Introduction to Gambling: Get a better understanding of gambling and its impact on the workplace.
  • Introduction to Substance Use: Covers the basics surrounding substance use and related policies
  • Keeping Your Parties Safe: Learn how to be a responsible host.
  • Other Drug Use: The basics of other drugs (i.e. not alcohol or cannabis) will be covered, including signs of potential use.
  • Staying Within the Guidelines: Covers responsible drinking including Canada's Low Risk Drinking Guidelines and the options available.
  • Talking About Problematic Use: Learn how to talk to others who you suspect may have a problem with substances, gambling or gaming.
  • Video and Internet Gaming: Learn the basics of internet and video gaming, how they can become problematic behaviours and impact the workplace.
Injury Prevention and Active Living
  • Move More with Active Transportation: Learn what active transportation is and how to build it safely and effectively into your life.
  • Summer Safety: Stay safe in the summer with these great tips for sun safety, heat stress and healthy hydration.
  • The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone: Focusing on the impact of exercise on the human body.
Nutritional Wellness
  • Canada's New Food Guide: Canada's Food Guide was changed in January 2019. Learna bout what these changes are, what they mean to you, and how to implement them.
  • Combat Rations for Top Performance: Delves into what combat rations are, what they provide for your brain and body, and what the nutrition requirements are for different climates and performance needs.
  • Choices, Choices! Learn how to make healthy choices when eating out at restaurants.
  • Dietary Supplement Dilemma: Explains what dietary and sport supplements are, and the associated benefits and risks with using them.
  • Emotional Eating: Learn about what emotional eating is, why we do it, and what we can do to regain a healthy relationship with food.
  • Fad Diets: Diets come and go. We focus on the current trendy diets and the pros and cons of each to allow members to make informed decisions.
  • Healthy Eating on the Go: Offers tips on how to make healthy food choices when life is hectic and fast-paced.
  • What's in a Label? Learn how to properly read food labels and understand nutrition claims to make healthier choices.
Social Wellness
  • Better Sleep for Better Health: Sleep is important for all aspects of your health. Learn about how much sleep you should be getting and tips to ensure you're getting both quality and quantity. 
  • Just Breathe...into Relaxation: Stress-management techniques such as breathing exercises, grounding exercises and mindfulness/situational awareness will be discussed and practiced.
  • Managing Stress for Success: A brief orientation to understanding stress to increase awareness of personal stressors, discuss warning signs and increase the use of healthy stress management strategies for optimal performance.
  • Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness: Content from the MFSA course is available in a 30 minute briefing, 1 hour presentation or 3 hour workshop. Certificates are not provided.
  • Positive Thinking: Learn about the difference between optimism and pessimism and what self-talk is all about.
  • Reducing the Stigma: Discusses what stigma is, how it's manifested and how to reduce it in the workplace.
  • Self-Care: Taking Care of You! Learn about the importance of self-care and some great tips and strategies to make sure you're taking care of yourself in times of distress.