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Managing Angry Moments


Managing Angry Moments (MAM)

Managing Angry Moments (MAM)

Learn how to address difficult and daily problems, big and small. This course is designed to increase personal performance by assisting participants to deal with anger-generating situations in an emotionally non-reactive way. The purpose is to examine and address issues of anger (while they are still manageable) in a non-judgemental setting in order to prevent the possibility of their escalation to physical or verbal aggression. This course helps participants understand what their triggers are and develop effective and positive coping strategies to improve communications and assertiveness in dealing with stressful situations and strong emotions such as anger.

The expected outcomes of thise course are:
  • Improved relationships in the workplace, at home and in the community;
  • Enhanced team cohesion;
  • More effective problem solving skills; and
  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety when faced with anger-generating events and circumstances.
IMPORTANT: Managing Angry Moments (MAM) is not a treatment process. It is designed to meet the needs of a non-violent CAF population and is not structured to encourage emotional expression and venting involving uncontrolled aggression.

HRMS code is provided upon course completion.

Course Eligibility

This course is open to the 4 Wing Community (military members, civilian employees, veterans and family members 18+)