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Injury Prevention & Active Living

Injury Prevention & Active Living

Injury Prevention and Active Living is a fundamental component of the Strengthening the Forces (STF) Health Promotion programming. CAF leaders recognize that injury prevention is an important consideration in everyday life and seek to find every opportunity to operationalize injury prevention strategies. Injuries have a significant negative impact on operational readiness in terms of reducing the number of "good to go" personnel, increasing the stress on limited military personnel, creating long-term disability and consuming limited health care resources.

Surveys consistently show that approximately 50% of all CAF injuries occur during sports and physical activity - two activities that the CAF has historically depended on heavily to develop and maintain the health and physical fitness of its military personnel. Running causes the greatest number of injuries in the CAF. research indicates that 80-95% of all injuries are preventable.

Courses and Workshops
  • Injury Prevention and Active Living (IPAL)
Briefings, presentations and workshops are available upon request.

Leadership Briefing

To create a positive change in the approach to injuries in the CAF, the support of leadership is essential. The purpose of this briefing is to achieve the following:
  • Create awareness among leadership as to why injuries occur
  • Present strong, scientific supported strategies resulting in a significant reduction of CAF injuries
  • Highlight the important role that leadership support plays in implementing those strategies
  • Demonstrate how "readiness" can be enhanced by leadership's role in the enforcement and accountability of presented strategies
  • Create a better awareness and understanding of how to engage Health Promotion, Fitness & Sports and Health Services resources to avoid injuries