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Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness is a fundamental component of the Strengthening the Forces (STF) Health Promotion programming. Its mandate is the provision of expert advice and initiatives to promote nutritional health within the CAF community by developng and delivering effective primary interventions, such as:
  • Education and personal skill development opportunities regarding healthy eating, performance nutrition and weight management
  • Enhancing the food environment to increase the availability of nutritious choices to support healthy eating, weight management and chronic disease prevention
  • Addressing relevant organizational policies
Courses and Workshops
  • Blast Off the Pounds (BOP)
  • Top Fuel for Top Performance
Briefings, presentations and workshops are available upon request.

InBody 570

The InBody 570 is a body composition analysis test provided free of charge to the Defence Team, including military and civilian personnel, veterans, and spouses/dependents aged 18+. The test only takes a few minutes and will let you know the amount of muscle mass, body fat and water that your body is composed of. We will go over the results in detail after the scan is complete. Testing appointment is 15 minutes.

To book an InBody test, contact the Health Promotion Department. Appointments are typically made between 0800-1600hrs; however, dependent on availability, appointments can be booked outside of these hours. Drop-ins are not permitted as protocol must be followed prior to testing. If protocol is not followed, the test must be rescheduled as the results would be skewed. Protocol will be sent to the individual with the appointment confirmation.

U-Grow Program

The Health Promotion Team is dedicated to providing the 4 Wing community with the opportunities to learn skills which will enable them to make healthier choices within their workplace.

The Greenhouse Project runs from September/October to February. Greehouse plots are provided for interested units (a maximum number of plots are available on a first come, first served basis). Units are guided through the seeding and transplanting process, and are expected to manage their plot throughout the duration of the project. Seeds and materials are provided.

In partnership with the Community Recreation Department, the Health Promotion Team offers Community Garden plots to interested Units on a first come, first served basis. The program typically runs May to September, dependent on weather. Units are responsible for maintaining their plot throughout the season and for clean-up at the end. Seeds are provided.

The Health Promotion Department has a limited number of aeroponic Tower Gardens available for Units to grow vegetables and fruit throughout the year. The aim of this project is to provide fresh produce for canteens. Units are responsible for maintaining their Tower Garden, with support from the Health Promotion Team regarding the tower set-up, seed starting and learning the basics. Tower Gardens are available on a first come, first served basis.

The BeneFit Program

Creating a healthier food environment for the CAF community. This program represents a collaboration between PSP and CANEX and began its development in early 2016, launching in 2017. The objective of this program is to better align Health Promotion messaging with CANEX's food offerings. This will be achieved by better identifying and promoting healthier food options both on CANEX store shelves and in vending machines.

A team of Health Promotion Dietitians developed a nutritional calculator specifically for the needs of the CAF community. The calculator takes into account the fats, cholesterol, sodium, sugars, fibre and proteins for 27 different food categories. Food items are scored on thier nutrient content, leading to a final score which determines whether they meet the threshold for their category.

Foods and beverages flagged with the BeneFit logo meet our dietitian's criteria for a hleathier choice in its product category. When you want to reach for a snack or treat, let the BeneFit program guide you to a better choice.