Wood Hobby Club


Wood Hobby Club

The Wood Hobby Club is open to both civilian and military members with both monthly and yearly memberships available and is located next to the Auto Club. It has a wide array of equipment available for use that makes it an ideal club for the serious carpenter, right down to wood crafters or beginners. Volunteer supervisors are on staff to assist members with any questions that may arise. A fully stocked tool crib virtually eliminates the need to bring one’s own tools. The Club also stocks, for sale, a variety of wood, sandpaper, glue and hardware for projects at a competitive price.

Anyone interested in becoming a member is invited to come down for a tour of our facility!

780-840-8000 ext 4083 at the Club

Club Contact: President Richard Castonguay, 780-840-8000 extension 3516

Hours of Operation: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
6:00 -10:00 pm

10:00 am to 5:00 pm