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Natasha's Wood


Natasha's Wood

The Natasha’s Wood Program is, a once a week program, intended for military children between the ages of 9 -12 years who have a parent deployed or deceased; yet the program is open to all.  Children of like circumstances come together each week, to learn, play and create with their imaginations, as they join Natasha on a magical journey through her imaginary woods.

Each week the group will get together at the Mackenzie Arts and Community Centre, from 6:00-7:30 PM, where they will bake magical treats, build enchanting crafts and get their bodies moving with fun outdoor and indoor activities.  This program is FREE, though pre-registration is required.  Registration priority will be given to children of a deceased military member, a deployed military member, DND dependants and then open to all. 

The Natasha’s Wood Foundation states its mission is to “create a ‘Legacy for Life’”.  The Natasha’s Wood Foundation focuses on generating awareness of, and an unconditional support for, mental wellness in children of First Responders, Veterans, or serving CAF families; especially for those effected by PTSD, OSI, TBI and suicide.  The foundation aims to do this through arts and crafts, education, sports and story-telling.  Click here to go to their website.

Registration for this fun filled program is available, in person, at the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre Welcome Desk, or online here, closing 22 April 2019.  For more information please contact Nikki Sinclair at local 7454.