RV Compound New Member Registration

Please complete the form below if you are looking to obtain a site in our 4 Wing RV Compound. 
Please note: Only Defence Team and Extended Defence Team members are eligible to obtain a site at the 4 Wing RV Compound.
Please refer to WSAO 4.018 for further information. Link provided on the main RV Compound page.
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Personal emails only. No @forces emails please.
All items in the RV Compound must have valid insurance. If your vehicle is covered under your homeowner's insurance policy, there must be a cover page from the insurance company stating that it is indeed on the specified policy. In addition it must state that the insurance company knows the whereabouts of the parked item(s); RV Storage Compound located at 4 Wing Cold Lake.
Please Acknowledge:
By checking this box, I acknowledge I have read and understood the 4 Wing Standard Operating Procedures for the RV Compound (WSAO 4.018). In particular, I agree to move my property within the compound or remove it altogether, when requested by the Wing Personnel Services Officer (W Pers Svcs O) or the Wing Chief Warrant Officer (WCWO) in order to meet the requirements of the DND and or 4 Wing Cold Lake. Failure to comply will result in CoC being notified and my respective property being towed at my own expense. In addition, I agree that if my respective property is left abandoned 30 days beyond the current season (April 1 – March 31), my property will be removed by a local towing company and I will be held financially responsible for any costs incurred in removing/disposing of property. For this section, “ABANDONED,” means no renewal application was submitted within 30 days past the expiry agreement. I also agree that it is acceptable for updates concerning payments, schedules or other notifications can be communicated to me via the email address I have provided. Note: 4 Wing cannot be held accountable or liable for any loss or damage to your vehicle and its contents. This will be at the owners’ risk.