Deployment Support

Deployment Support


Welcome to Comox MFRC Family Separation and Reunion (Deployment) Services!

While away…

Canadian Forces members are often required to work away from their families, often for great lengths of time and under very challenging circumstances. We recognize that much of the strength that helps the CF member be successful is the support of their family, who are also making great sacrifices and coping with challenging circumstances on the home front. We are here to support and appreciate the incredible efforts that military families make, and to try and make some of the challenges you are facing a little easier.

The strength behind the uniform…

Canadian Forces families are strong, independent, resilient and resourceful – in a word, inspiring! You have the capacity to turn the loneliness, fear and frustration of deployment, into growth, opportunity and the wisdom of experience. Deployment families can frequently be “suddenly solo” -- single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, the heroic solo accountant, nurse, handyperson, teacher, gardener, mechanic, driver, cook, pet manager…you name it!! And we know, quite frankly, that Murphy’s Law comes into full effect the day your loved one goes away. The washer breaks…the kids get sick…etc. And, while we can’t fix your washer or stop it from breaking, we do provide resources, information and, most importantly, the connection to others that will help you get through the deployment. And believe it or not, we can even have some FUN!

Keeping in touch…

At the MFRC we strive to keep you well-informed and connected in a variety of ways – with your deployed loved one, with friends (old and new), with the military and with your community. We are able to offer resources and services to assist before, during and after deployment. 

We’re here for you…

Would some of these services be helpful to you?
  • Family Separation and Reunion Information package (includes info on the Emotional Cycle of Deployment, Children and Deployment, Homecoming and Reunion Stress)
  • Free ‘Take-a-Break’ child care benefit for families with young and/or special needs children
  • Free domestic and overseas care package delivery
  • Community and military services information
  • Deployment library
  • Briefings and information sessions throughout the deployment cycle
  • Family deployment workbooks and storybooks
  • Deployment Family Network referrals
  • Special events for families
  • Workshops and social groups
  • Warmline outreach and moral support
  • Resources and publications
  • Volunteer opportunities
Please contact us if you would like further information about any of these services, resources or opportunities. It is our pleasure to assist you.

“Deployment” families are…  

All CF/Reservist families, who are experiencing a CF work-related absence of 30 days or more, are eligible for our full services. However, anyone who is close to a CF member and would benefit from emotional support or information is welcome to get in touch with us.

Families include:
  • all minor custodial children
  • married or common-law spouses
  • parents of single members
  • other designated NOK
  • single-parent members

Eligible absences:
  • overseas deployment
  • domestic assignments or training
  • imposed restriction
  • temporary duty
  • treatment for operational injuries

Proactive families are prepared families… 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We don’t always know you have a CF member absent. If you share your contact information with us we can keep you informed and connected.
“Military Families: Strength Behind the Uniform”