Care Packages

Care Packages


Care Packages & Morale Mail

Care Packages & Morale Mail 

Care packages are a wonderful way to stay in touch with members while they are away. It helps to boost their morale, and keeps families connected during absences. At the Comox MFRC, we are happy to send your care package to a CF member free of charge!

Guidelines and Details

Charitable donations/humanitarian aid will not be accepted - personal care packages only.

For Members on TD, Course & IR/Domestic
(via regular Canada Post)
  • Mailed via Canada Post using Family Separation & Reunion Services funds, as available
  • Maximum weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) per package
  • Maximum dimensions: no one dimension (length, width or height) may exceed 1m; maximum length plus girth = 3m 
  • Mimimum dimensions: 10cm x 2.3cm x 2.3cm
  • One package may be sent monthly by a family member or designated ‘sponsor’ only
Please address your parcel clearly, with your return address in the upper left hand corner of the face of the package. No special labelling is required.

All regular Canada Post policies apply.

For Members on Operational Deployments or Overseas
(via Military Transport)
  • Sent via military truck across Canada
  • Send packages as frequently as you like
The truck generally goes out once a week, therefore anyone wanting to RUSH a parcel should use Canada Post at their own expense.

Note: your deployed family member/ friend/ co-worker doesn’t have to be from Comox for you to use this service. As well, we are able to send care packages to civilian employees working on bases overseas.

Mail Deadline

Please contact Deployment Services staff at 250-339-8211, local 8310 or 6694 for current information about the 19 Wing pick-up schedule for packages.

Size and Weight
  • Senders are encouraged to use boxes provided by the Comox MFRC
  • Maximum length of 1 meter for any one dimension and 2 meters for the length plus girth.
  • Maximum weight is 20 kg (approx 44 lbs). 
  • Oversize/overweight parcels will not be accepted.

How to Address/Label Parcel

Please enquire at reception if you are unsure of a CF address.
  • Sender’s name, address and phone number on top left corner
  • Clearly list contents of parcel on the bottom left corner
  • Ensure address of member is correct – we are not responsible if parcels are lost or misdirected
Undeliverable Packages
  • Senders should not use this service if the CF member is due back within 4 weeks of sending
  • Consider labelling your parcel, “If this member has already departed theatre, please distribute contents among other members remaining in theatre
  • Should mail be undeliverable, and not labelled to distribute in theatre, Canada Post charges return postage in order to claim your package. MFRC will contact sender.
Loss, Theft or Damage

CF and FMO Victoria are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage caused to items sent via this service
  • No claim can be made through Canada Post, as no postage has been affixed. 
  • For lost or damaged parcels, contact FMO Manager at 250-363-2174 (max indemnity $100)
  • Any parcel requiring special service(s) such as insurance or registration must be mailed at sender's expense

Prohibited Items
  • Articles which are obscene/immoral 
  • Compressed gases (aerosols)
  • Corrosive liquids/solids (bleach, acids, ammonia) 
  • Batteries (separate, or in an item) 
  • Flammable liquids/solids (lighter fluid, matches)
  • Explosives 
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Drugs and narcotics (including prescription drugs) 
  • Perishable items (fruit, meat) 

Please refer to Canada Post’s website for a more complete and updated list.

These parcels are subject to x-ray/search, and any prohibited items will be seized and disposed of a list of seized items will be sent to sender and addressee.