19 Wing Health Promotion

19 Wing Health Promotion

19 Wing Health Promotion has Gone Virtual!

We are continuing to offer support remotely; if you’re looking to continue keeping your members informed with wellness information including managing stress during a pandemic, tips for better sleep, nutrition at home and more, contact Alicia Perry, Manager, Health Promotion at perry.alicia@cfmws.com 
Tune into Health Promotion on YouTube for tips and tricks including relaxation exercises and stress reduction techniques.  

Upcoming  Courses & Workshops

Check back soon for upcoming courses and workshops!

19 Wing Health Promotion Tips During COVID-19 

Have you heard? 19 Wing Health Promotion has a YouTube channel and will be posting weekly Wellness Wednesday videos! Check out our YouTube channel here or search '19 Wing Comox Health Promotion' in YouTube. 

Looking for a tasty new recipe? Each month 19 Wing Health Promotion will showcase a new food and drink recipe for you to try! Check out this month's Food Recipe here and Drink Recipe here.  Check out more healthy recipes and ideas here

19 Wing Health Promotion also posts daily health tips and tricks on the 19 Wing Comox PSP Facebook page. If you are interested in getting daily tips and motivation from both 19 Wing Health Promotion and 19 Wing Fitness, Sports & Recreation follow the Facebook page here or search ' 19 Wing Comox PSP' in Facebook. 

Meal Planning Tips

Healthy Cooking Tips

Work From Home Tips

Strengthening the Forces

The Strengthening the Forces (STF) Health Promotion program gives Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, their families and members of the Defense community, information, skills and tools to enhance their mental, physical and social health and wellbeing. 19 Wing Health Promotion not only offers briefings and courses, we also move beyond the individual and examine social and environmental influences on health behaviour.

Whether you’re looking at ways to create a supportive environment, or how to make the healthy choice the easy choice, Health Promotion can work with you to identify individual, interpersonal, organizational and policy level opportunities to enhance your health or health within your unit.

STF focuses on 4 main areas:
  • Nutrition Wellness
  • Injury Prevention and Active Living
  • Addiction Awareness & Prevention
  • Social Wellness
To find out more, we invite you to explore this website further or contact the Health Promotion Office.