HP Upcoming Courses

HP Upcoming Courses


Upcoming Courses 19 Wing Health Promotion

19 Wing Health Promotion has Gone Virtual!

We are continuing to offer support remotely; if you’re looking to continue keeping your members informed with wellness information including managing stress during a pandemic, tips for better sleep, nutrition at home and more, contact Alicia Perry, Manager, Health Promotion at perry.alicia@cfmws.com 

Tune into Health Promotion on YouTube for tips and tricks including relaxation exercises and stress reduction techniques.  


Upcoming  Courses & Workshops

22 July 2021 - Virtual Cooking Workshop with Lisa Cristall, RD - Click here for more information

All Health Promotion courses require a minimum registration number of six (6) to ensure a good group dynamic. Register early, you don't want to be disappointed! Our programs are open to all military members and their families (Must be over 18 yrs), as well as DND/NPF/MFRC employees.