Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Gaming Awareness - AODGGA for Supervisors

AODGGA for supervisors will increase one’s knowledge and understanding of a variety of issues related to alcohol, other drugs, gambling and gaming. This course will provide the supervisor with the tools to recognize when someone may need extra support, to increase their awareness of the policies on substance misuse and administrative action, and empower them to be comfortable having a conversation with someone who may be in need of support.

Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling & Gaming Awareness for Supervisors - click here to view poster
Date: 26 & 27 November 2020
Time: 1.5 Days | Day 1: 0800-1530 hrs | Day 2: 0800-1200 hrs
Location: Multipurpose Room - Fitness & Community Centre
Dress: Civilian Attire
Please note: Face masks are required in the FCC while in public spaces, please wear one when moving throughout the facility
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