Cooking Workshop

Virtual Cooking Workshop  

Join 19 Wing Health Promotion’s upcoming Virtual Cooking Workshop with Lisa Cristall, RD. Stuck with what to make for dinner? 19 Wing Health Promotion has you covered! We’ve partnered with Lisa Cristall, local Registered Dietitian to offer you an educational cooking workshop. This is not your typical cooking class; learn how to make a vegetarian chili recipe while receiving nutritional tips and tricks to enhance your meals.  

Virtual Cooking Workshop
Next Workshop Information/Interest List: If you are interested in taking this workshop, please contact Melanie Overhill to be added to the interest list and be the first to be notified when a date is set. 

*Open to all military members, their families (over 18 yrs old) & DND/NPF/MFRC employees. 

More about Lisa Cristall, RD 
Lisa Cristall is a registered dietitian based out of the Comox Valley, originating from Edmonton, Alberta. Lisa graduated from the University of Alberta, then went on to work as a clinical dietitian in areas such as surgery, intensive care, burns and trauma. Starting her own private practice, Lisa is passionate about helping people find joy in cooking and eating while supporting their overall health. Lisa's philosophy is that there isn't one “right” way to eat healthy, and health is not measured by a number on the scale. Lisa uses an evidence-based approach to provide nutritional recommendations to fit your personal lifestyle and to increase your overall well-being. Click here for more about Lisa and her philosophy.