Respect in the CAF

Respect in the CAF is a full day interactive course that aims to enhance awareness and understanding of sexual misconduct in the CAF. This is an opportunity to join similar ranks in a frank discussion about those confusing “grey areas”. The use of scenarios, discussion and small group practical activities will leave you feeling equipped to recognize, respond and prevent sexual misconduct as well as support those affected by it. This is a coded course (303129) and will be recorded on each member's MPRR upon successful completion.


Expected date: January 2021, check back for updates.


Expected date: February 2021, check back for updates.


Date: 03 December 2020
Time: 1-Day | 0800-1530 hrs
Location: Multipurpose Room - Fitness & Community Centre
Dress: Civilian Attire
Please note: Face masks are required in the FCC while in public spaces, please wear one when moving throughout the facility
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*Please email if you would like more course information or are interested in taking a course.  

This Health Promotion course requires a minimum registration number of eight (6) to ensure a good group dynamic. Register early, you don't want to be disappointed! Please note we limit registration to 3 members per unit to enable active participation.

Respect in the CAF Links

Operation Honour - “Operation HONOUR is the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) mission to eliminate harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour in the Canadian military."

Sexual Misconduct Response Centre - “Confidential Counselling. Contact a Sexual Misconduct Response Centre (SMRC) counsellor, access resources for leadership, and learn about how to recognize harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour."

Respect in the CAF mobile application -  “The Respect in the CAF mobile app is designed for members of the CAF, and provides support to both the victim AND those in a position to support them.”

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