Kayak Course

Kayak Course


19WCYC - Sea Kayak Basic Training


Part 1 - Pool Training (approx two hours - 19 Wing Fitness & Community Centre (FCC), indoor pool):
*Bring swimsuit & towel.
a. Sea kayak safety briefing;
b. Roll kayak over and eject safely;
c. Roll kayak over and recover with assistance;
d. Roll kayak over, eject, and re-enter kayak with assistance; and
e. Re-enter kayak without assistance using paddle float.

Part 2 - Sea Training (approx two hours - HMCS Quadra, B72 19WCYC Clubhouse)
*Bring water sandals (or old runners) & sports clothing that can get wet.
a. Intro to clubhouse, kayak shed, and kayaking equipment;
b. Kayak sign-out procedures;
c. Safety lecture;
d. Group sea kayak; and
e. Kayak clean-up and return to storage procedures.


19WCYC annual membership: $60 Regular/ $65 Ordinary/ $85 Associate per family (dependants included)
+ Annual kayak rental fee: $50 per family (dependants included)
+ One-time Kayak Basic Training fee: $30 per person (mandatory for all participants, including dependants)

**NOTE** - Exemption from the Pool Training (and $30 Training Fee) is on a case-by-case basis for members who can prove previous training or extensive on-water experience. Part 2 is mandatory regardless. Exemptions are at the discretion of the Kayak Captain.


a. Complete a 19WCYC membership form & waiver (on our Membership page), and have appropriate fees, (cheque to "Base Fund" or cash) and contact Aggie Hebert at 250-339-2435 or email: membership@19wcyc.com
b. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive notification of every upcoming Training Session;
c. When you are positive that you can attend a Training Session, book your spot with the Kayak Captain

**NOTE** - If you cannot attend your scheduled session, contact the Kayak Captain ASAP - if the Club cannot fill your spot, then you will not receive a refund on your Training Fee (the Club still needs to pay for the pool rental).


Dates will be organized when there are sufficient paid trainees to fill a session (8 pers).
Generally, timings will be Wednesday 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
~ Any questions, please contact the Kayak Captain ~