Keelboat Booking

So you want to rent one of the club’s keelboats?

It’s very important that you’re familiar with a couple of documents before you set out on your next sailing adventure. Please click on the links to both the Keelboat Rental Policy and the Keelboat Rental Process.

As per the last Annual General Meeting, some changes were made, on a trial basis, to streamline the rental process. These changes are:

  1. There is no Duty Bosun. The signing in and out of the Club boats is being done on the honour system.
  2. The club is not collecting and retaining for the season, a damage deposit.
  3. Bookings are done through a booking coordinator who can be reached by email: At present this email is being monitored by three individuals so turn around between booking request submission and confirmation should be short.

Some key points to remember are:

  1. You must either be certified or be checked out by the Keelboat Captain or his delegate.
  2. You must be in possession of a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). If you don’t have one you can check out how easy it is to obtain one by going here.  
  3. You also have to be in possession of a Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate Marine, also known as a ROC(M) certificate.  This will allow you to operate any of the VHF marine radios on the rental boats. ROC(M) information can be find by clicking here

    As far as when can you book a boat, follow these rules:

  • Club members can make a booking of 5 days or more at anytime
  • 4 days or less can only be made a maximum of 2 weeks prior to the sail date.
  • Your booking is considered tentative until payment is received.
    • Payment can be made at any time by getting a hold of the keelboat captain or the treasurer to arrange for payment or by dropping the payment in the drop box at the club house.
    • The drop box is located just inside the clubhouse adjacent to the sliding door.
      • Please send the treasurer an email if you chose to go this route so that they can update the calendar.
  • Pick up the key for the rental on the day of and carefully inspect the boat prior to departure to ensure that all items on the checklist are present.
  • If you find any items missing you must notify either the keelboat captain or the boat maintenance team right away so you won’t be held responsible for the missing item.
  • If you encounter any mechanical problems with the boat, same thing, the maintenance team is in the best position to help you rectify the problem. Each sailboat has a different vounteer maintenance team, contact numbers are with each boat. 

You’re responsible to ensure that the boat is left in the same great condition that you found it in. This includes ensuring that all the PFDs are put away, cushions are properly stowed, the head and holding tank are taken care of, and fuel of both the boat and, if you took one, the tender are topped up.

No one in the club is paid or reimbursed for the work that they do so we must all do what it takes to ensure that these expensive assets are taken care of. 

Click here to go ahead and request a booking.  (your default email client will open)