Restricted Access to the Reserve Land at Goose Spit

Restricted Access to the Reserve Land at Goose Spit

From the Commodore to all 19WCYC members,

I hope that everyone is enjoying their sailing and kayaking season with the beautiful weather that we have, but I would appreciate if you, as a member of 19WCYC, be kind enough to take consideration in this important message.

We all enjoy having privileged access to the Goose Spit, our wonderful Club House and the marina section so we can enjoy our sailing and boating activities. Access to HMCS Quadra is granted to members of our Club, based on respect of the conditions of use. It has come to my attention that some member of the Club have been trespassing and accessing the restricted area at the West end of the Spit, which is solely for the use by the First Nations.

I would express my concern in doing so, not only because it is against the rules in place, not only because the action of a few can jeopardize our privileged access to the Goose Spit, but more so by simple respect to the First Nations.

** In short, do not proceed further than the gate at the end of the asphalt road just next to the Club House.

Background Information on the Goose Spit: The HMCS Quadra (Goose Spit) property has an area of 21 ha and is home to the HMCS Quadra Cadet training Camp, the Sea Survival Detachment of the CF School of Search and Rescue (CFSSAR), the Marine Section of 19 Wing Operations, and 19 Wing Comox Yacht Club. The K’omoks First Nations Band owns a portion of Goose Spit at the West end (5.6 ha), and a regional park forms the northern border.

Kind regards,
19 Wing Comox Yacht Club