Junior Ranks' Mess

Junior Ranks' Mess

Messes are meeting places that foster the esprit de corps and comradeship essential for an effective professional armed force. Messes enable all ranks to become personally acquainted with their peers and subordinates and to assist with their professional development. Messes also provide a place to meet with personnel from other CF formations (regular or reserve) and with members of the armed forces of other countries.

COVID-19 Information

Last update: 20 July 2021

The Jr Ranks mess is open with restrictions. Bar operations remain closed until further notice. Please see below for details or contact your unit rep for more information. 

Mess Safety Protocols
  • Masks recommended until you are fully vaccinated (2nd dose + 14 days).
  • If sick, stay home and get tested
  • 50 % capacity with physical distancing and careful social contact
  • Floor plan to allow for 6' between each table (ex. every other table "OUT OF ORDER")
  • Hand sanitization stations and cleaning procedures on going
  • COVID-19 safety signage posted at entrance to each Mess

Jr Ranks Mess
Open to Military mess members only, up to 50% capacity while respecting the PHO's.
Coffee breaks and TGIT/Fs authorized for in person dining.
Bar operations remains closed