Bar Hours

We are here to serve. If you are planning a beer call after work, let the bar staff know (ext 8790) and we will stay open longer for your entertainment.

Wednesday & Thursday - 1700 to 2000 hrs
Thursday (TGIT) - 1130 to 1300 hrs
Friday - 1600 to 1930 hrs
Saturday - 1600 to 2000 hrs

The bar is CLOSED Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Holidays except for special functions.

The bar will CLOSE @ 2000 hrs if no one is using the facilities at that time.

TGIF will continue starting the 11th of September with day care available.

The Comox Jr. Ranks is proud to honour the designated driver program. Should you be the designated driver for a group of friends, we would like to buy you a non-alcoholic beverage. Choose a coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or a fountain drink.

***The bar staff reserve the right to serve juice.***