Bar Info - WOSM

Mess currently CLOSED due to COVID-19 for TGIF and Bar use.

Last update: 22 October 2020

Check COVID-19 Facility updates for more information.


Monday/Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednesday - 1130 to 1300 hrs - During scheduled Wednesday Lunch
Thursday - CLOSED
Friday - 1500 to 1900 hrs - During scheduled TGIF
Sat/Sun/Holidays - CLOSED (unless booked for Special Functions)

NOTE: Hours may vary depending on Special Functions and the volume of sales, at the discretion of the Bartenders.

Have a Beverage on Us!

The WOs & Sgts Mess is proud to honour the designated driver program. Should you be the designated driver for a group of friends, we would like to buy you a non-alcoholic beverage. Choose a Non-Alcoholic Drink (Non-Alcoholic beer/wine excluded)