Kayak Division

Kayak Division


Kayaks & Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP's) to Play on the Water!

With our large fleet of modern kayaks & SUP's, this division of the Club is easily the busiest!

Members who are qualified will have 24/7 access to the Club Boatshed where self-serve sign-outs of the watercraft, paddles & PFD's are available.
One very modest annual fee covers unlimited use of all the Boatshed watercraft & accessories.

Watercraft Usage Procedures

1) Float Plans:

  • A float plan must be submitted and approved by the Kayak-Coordinator prior to taking either a SUP or kayak from the local area. The local (no float plan required) area is from Cape Lazo along the Spit, across to the Royston wrecks and up past the harbour to the Puntledge river.
  • A float plan is required to go to Tree Island, even if leaving and returning from the Spit. This is for safety! If it’s just a day trip, as soon as you submit the plan, you’re good-to-go (you don’t have to wait for an approval). For any multi-day trip, you’ll still need to wait for approval.
  • ​Float plans can be submitted online through the Club website,19wcyc.com (Kayak Division), or by clicking the link below. Note that the float plan has fields for specific information like the kayak or SUP number; leave those fields as “tbd” when submitting the form in-advance, however, remember to record that specific information on the sign-out sheets in the kayak shed!
  • Please ensure that your float plan has a point of contact who can be reached by the club if needed
  • If you are unable to return the SUPs or kayaks as planned, advise the Kayak Coordinator (kayak-coordinator@19wcyc.com) and Kayak Captain (kayak@19wcyc.com) ASAP

Kayak Float Plan, Click HERE                                    SUP Float Plan, Click HERE

2) Availability of Watercraft for Local & Away Trips:

The kayaks and SUP's are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Be advised that on a hot summer weekend, you may find all the boats & boards already signed-out!
The Club currently has 9 SUP's and to ensure that members have a reasonable chance of having access to these fun paddleboards, we are limiting the "away" sign-outs as follows:

Stand-Up Paddleboards:

  • A maximum of 2 SUP's are available to be taken away on multi-day trips; and
  • The maximum SUP booking is 7 days-in-a-row.
  • Members who wish to plan an away-trip should email a completed float plan (link above).  Once the maximum "2" SUP's are booked for "away" use, only local, day-use will be permitted.


  • There are currently no restrictions on the number of kayaks that can be used for multi-day trips.

3) Housekeeping Points for Using Club Watercraft:

  • Personal Floatation Devices (PFD's) must be worn at all times;
  • Only club members are allowed to use club equipment;
  • Clean equipment with fresh water after use (there is a hose on the side of the kayak shed - the tap on the side of the main clubhouse adjacent the accessibility ramp may need to be turned-on); and
  • Please ensure that inflatable SUPs are fully inflated when returned to the shed.