About Us

The CFB Comox Auto Hobby Club provides to the do-it-yourselfer facilities to perform auto services. The rates are very affordable and will bring you hours of satisfaction. The rates are listed below. For more information please contact the Auto Hobby Club executives at 19autoclub@gmail.com

Our networking has established a great relationship with the city's parts suppliers. If you go to those stores showing out Auto Hobby Club membership they will give you their best price in parts and supplies at no extra cost.

Our rates are:

Membership (renewed annually, in February)
Military members: $70/year
Associate members: $76/year
All others: $82/year

* The Club offers pro-rate fees to CF members on Temporary Duty(TD). The fee is $x/month. Please provide a proof of you TD, such as a course message or have an e-mail forwarded from your organization to the Club.

Other Fees

Using any service bay and tools are included in your annual membership. Long term car storage is $10/month and project bay rental is $100 a month for the first three months then after that it goes up to $200 a month (prepaid). Send a request to our treasurer using the project compound registration form.