The CFB Comox Auto Hobby Club provides facilities to perform auto services. We are located in Bldg 129. The shop is well lit, clean, and offers a dynamic place to work on any of your vehicle projects. The shop provides 4 service bays. One bay is equipped with 9,000lb hoist, There is also a project bay attached to the main building that is available for long term  projects. In addition to the interior space, we provide fenced outside parking for storage, provided that you register your vehicle and pay the compound fees. 

We have a wide range of quality tools from wrench and socket sets, and air tools to the more expensive ones like battery/charger, analyzers, coolant system flusher and other specialty tooling.

In addition to the small tools, we have a great selection of shop tools such as: a new tire machine, wheel balancer, brake resurfacing machine, enclosed sandblast machine, floor jacks, 20 gallon oil funnel, two 5Hp compressors, pipe bender, and sheet metal press.