Membership Categories and Prices

Regular:  $50.00 per yr

Ordinary:  $60.00 per yr

Associate: $70.00 per yr

Family: Add any dependant for $15.00/pers

$10.00 per month for a member on duty for less than 6 months.
$50.00 annual for a member on duty for more than 6 months.

1.  All annual memberships expire on 31 Mar.
2.  Temporary membership only available for qualifying Regular and Ordinary visiting members and valid 30 days.

Here are the forms needed to join the PDSC as a member as well as for dependants. 

For an Adult:
For a Youth (age 18 and under)

Complete the PDSC Membership Form (all pages)
Complete the PDSC Medical Form (all pages)
If necessary; bring in signed Doctors statement
Complete the Youth Participant Waiver

Please feel free to print and complete the applicable forms as necessary, then bring the forms with payment into the Club for processing.

A PDSC Executive or a PDSC representative will help you complete the form and issue you a membership receipt.

It may be necessary to get medical authorization from your doctor if any of your answers on the medical form are a “YES”. We cannot process your membership unless you are cleared by a medical doctor.

Club Location & Hours:

The Club is located at the back of the 19 Wing Fitness &  Community Centre (FCC), next to the main parking lot. Look at the end of the building and go up the cement ramp to the double doors. That is our home, under the blue patio roof.

Mondays & Thursdays - 1830-2000 hrs

Club Phone:  250-339-8211  ext. 8402

If you have any questions on membership application , please contact a member of the PDSC Executive on the Contact Us - PDSC page.