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Covid-19 Closures and Adaptations for Service Delivery Location: Comox

19 Wing COVID-19 Updates 

Please note: Masks are recommended in indoor public settings for all people 12 and older who are not fully vaccinated (2nd dose + 14 days), as per Provincial Health recommendations. This includes all indoor spaces at the Fitness & Community Centre, Glacier Gardens Arena, MFRC, Glacier Greens Golf Course, Tee Pee Park Campground, Messes, and club facilities. 

As we transition into the next phase we appreciate everyone's kindness, empathy and consideration to the comfort level of our community members. 

From Alicia in Health Promotion “This is a good time to remind ourselves that we all have different experiences, circumstances and comfort levels with COVID-19. While we may wonder why someone is still wearing a mask when no longer mandated—or alternatively—question how someone feels safe without a mask on, it’s important to be aware that vocalizing these comments may affect others. While we may not intend to cause harm by making a comment or joke, this may be an unintended effect. As you all have done through this pandemic, let’s continue to conduct ourselves respectfully and empathetically as we move closer towards taking this next step.

Fitness and Community Centre

The Fitness and Community Centre is OPEN to all Regular and Reserve military members and Authorized Users only. 

New Updates (20 July 2021)

Please read below the newest COVID updates from the Wing and Province. 
  • Masks are recommended in indoor public settings for all people 12 and older who are not fully vaccinated (2nd dose + 14 days), as per Provincial Health recommendations. 
  • Pre-registration for gym slots is no longer required. There is no longer a 1 hour time limit to your workouts or booking specific workout spaces. 
    • 0600-0830 hrs is Military Only
    • 0830-close hrs is open to CAF members and recreation pass holders.
  • We are open to CAF members and those holding a recreation pass at this time. We are currently working to get through our waitlist so your patience is apprecaited as we reach out to all who have been waiting to set up their memberships. 
  • Physical distancing is still required when using the gym and we ask all members continue to thoroughly clean their equipment after each use.
  • Let us continue to move forward safely and with kindness for one another. For any FCC questions please call the front desk at: 250-339-8211 ext 8315.

Please see the Fitness Centre Schedule for hours of operation, open recreation, noon hour class schedule, and lane swims and open swims.

Force Testing is expanded to include the following priority conditions:
a. ongoing domestic and international operation (deployment);
b. recruiting (to include component-transfer and sub-component transfer for employment purposes);
c. individual basic training (such as for BMQ, BMOQ, DP and BTL);
d. environmental basic training;
e. mission-essential individual and collective training; and
f. as approved by PSP Director Fitness, Sport, Health Promotion and Solider On.

Please contact your Unit Force Coordinator for Force Test information and booking.

Gym/Cardio/Weight Room: Open to the military and authorized users only
Sports Stores: Open to military members by appointment only
Pool: Open to the military and authorized users only


The MFRC office is open Monday to Friday 0800-1600hrs.
Check the MFRC social media for up-to-date information.

MFRC Daycare office and rooms remain open with COVID-19 procedures in place. Please contact the daycare directly for more information.
MFRC Office: Open Monday-Friday: 0800-1600 hrs
MFRC Daycare: Open, with restrictions
MFRC Client Services: Open Monday-Friday: 0800-1600 hrs (
MFRC Emergency Childcare Coordinator: In Office,
MFRC Deployment Coordinator: In Office,

Click here for the full contact list of MFRC Staff

MFRC Facebook Page

Health Promotion

19 Wing Health Promotion has Gone Virtual!

We are continuing to offer support remotely; if you’re looking to continue keeping your members informed with wellness information including managing stress during a pandemic, tips for better sleep, nutrition at home and more, contact Alicia Perry, Manager, Health Promotion at Tune into Health Promotion on YouTube for tips and tricks including relaxation exercises and stress reduction techniques.  

Virtual pre-recorded and live workshops are available to anyone and cover a range of topics from nutrition, sleep, injury reduction, to mental health and addiction. Check out the schedule here.
Health Promotion: Working virtual and in office

Totem Times Newspaper

Totem Times Newspaper is available online and in print. To create safe distribution, please be aware that print copies are single use only and should be disposed of immediately after use to ensure touchpoints aren’t being created across the Wing.
Newspaper Editor is also working with Wing Public Affairs to assist with wing-wide communications through the Totem Times Facebook Page.
See Current Issue here.                       
Totem Times Newspaper: working remotely

Golf Course

Glacier Greens Golf Course is open to all current members as well as members of the public after 12:00pm. Golf club members are permitted to bring up to 3 guests. Click here for more golf course specific details.
Golf Course: Open
Pro Shop: Open
Range: Open
Social Centre: Open

Air Force Beach Campground

Air Force Beach Campground update effective 01 July 2021
  • We are accepting Reservations from our Regular and Ordinary Members only.
  • No General Public Bookings (Associate Members) at this time.
  • Playgrounds are open for the kids, but remember that 2-metre physical distancing is still in place.  Please wash hands before and after use.  If your child is feeling sick with a fever, runny nose, nausea, or cough, please keep them home.
  • Guests are allowed to a camper’s site but Physical Distancing is in affect.
  • If Guests are staying overnight at a camper’s site, they must be registered with the Administration Office and pay the appropriate fee.  Only Regular and Ordinary Category Members are allowed.
  • All Camp Fires on Airforce Beach are BANNED until further notice.
  • The Pavilion is closed for renovations.
The Campground Office is open for business through a take-out style window with plexiglass protection and hand sanitizer available.  All payments can be made at the office if you are comfortable, and we also accept payment over the phone.
  • Canteen goodies and supplies are for sale.
  • Daily increased cleaning of all washroom facilities remains in effect.
  • Staff is being instructed to avoid contact with any campers and customers.
Things we are asking you to do for Air Force Beach Campground:
  • As per direction from Public Health Agency of Canada, as well as 19 Wing Commander, all Campground users are expected to self-isolate for 14 days upon return from travel outside of Canada.  Self-isolation must occur at the person’s residence, NOT at the Campground.
  • Practice 2-metre physical distancing while on the property, including near the office and washroom facilities.
  • Please refrain from close contact with Campground Staff as they have been instructed to keep their distance from campers and guests of the park.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of the above protocols.  We continue to monitor and re-assess our operation based on Province of BC direction, and will advise the Campers and Cabin Guests of any changes to Air Force Beach Campground operations as decisions are made.  We are happy to continue to provide one of the best Campgrounds in the Valley.

Campground: Open
Pavilion: CLOSED
Picnic Shelter: Open
Playground: Open
Group Site: Open

Glacier Gardens Arena

The arena is closed for the season effective 15 March 2021. 

Arena: CLOSED for season, effective 15 March 2021
Skate Rentals: CLOSED


Messes are open with restrictions. Bar operations remain closed until further notice. Please see below for details or contact your unit rep for more information. 

Mess Safety Protocols
  • Masks recommended until you are fully vaccinated (2nd dose + 14 days).
  • If sick, stay home and get tested
  • 50 % capacity with physical distancing and careful social contact
  • Floor plan to allow for 6' between each table (ex. every other table "OUT OF ORDER")
  • Hand sanitization stations and cleaning procedures on going
  • COVID-19 safety signage posted at entrance to each Mess

Officers Mess
Open to Military mess members only, up to 50% capacity while respecting the PHO's.
Coffee breaks and TGIT/Fs authorized for in person dining.
Bar operations remains closed

WO-Sgts Mess
Open to Military mess members only, up to 50% capacity while respecting the PHO's.
Coffee breaks and TGIT/Fs authorized for in person dining.
Bar operations remains closed

Jr Ranks Mess
Open to Military mess members only, up to 50% capacity while respecting the PHO's.
Coffee breaks and TGIT/Fs authorized for in person dining.
Bar operations remains closed


Base clubs members are required to watch re-opening safety videos before entering any club spaces. Not all clubs are currently running, please contact your club executive for more information. 

19 Wing Yacht Club
See more information on the 19 Wing Yacht Club Page.
Yacht Club Re-Opening Video
Contact 19 Wing Yacht Club: 
Contact 19 Wing Kayak Club:
*Please contact your club executive for COVID-19 reopening procedures.

Pacific Divers Scuba Club
Scuba Club Re-Opening Video 
*Please contact your club executive for COVID-19 reopening procedures.

Wood Hobby Club
Wood Hobby Club Re-Opening Video
Contact: Caroline Taylor
*Please contact your club executive for COVID-19 reopening procedures

Auto Hobby Club
Auto Hobby Club Re-Opening Video
Contact: or 19 Auto Club
*Please contact your club executive for COVID-19 reopening procedures.

Karate Club
*Please contact your club executive for information on reopening.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club
*Please contact your club executive for information on reopening.

19 Wing Riders Club
*Please contact your club executive for information on reopening.

COVID -19 Resources

COVID-19 Government Links

Reminder When Using Outdoor Facilities & Parks:

Individuals are encouraged to follow social distancing and hygiene recommendations in place to reduce the spread of illness including:
  • Minimize close contact with others and avoiding non-essential gatherings;
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available;
  • Refrain from using parks or trails if you or family members are exhibiting symptoms.

FORCE Evaluation
Carefully read the new conditions of FORCE Evaluation delivery in response to COVID-19.

Member Customer Service Centre 
Telephone: 1-855-245-0330

Family Information Line

You can visit CANEX Temporary Store Hours for store hours and closure updates.
Visit for online purchases.

SISIP Financial
We are well prepared to continue to offer services remotely. Contact your local SISIP Financial Branch or the SISIP Financial Client Centre at 1-800-267-6681. 

COVID-19: BMO is here to help.