RCAF Family Sponsor Program

RCAF Family Sponsor Program

RCAF Family Sponsor Program

Join the Family Sponsor Program!

Calling all 19 Wing Families!

We are currently looking to recruit local 19 Wing families to become volunteer sponsors.

Families of all sizes are welcomed!

The RCAF in conjunction with your local Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) is launching a new program aimed at creating a better community: The RCAF Family Sponsor Program.

This program is designed to build community and improve communication. The goal is to help ease the stress of relocation and service-related separation by connecting families to each other.

The primary responsibilities of a family sponsor is to:

  • Reach out to families that are newly posted or affected by service-related separations.
  • Serve as a friendly point of contact for a new family when they arrive.
  • Share information on local resources and introduce them to other families.
  • Introduce new families to other families.
  • Ensure that posted families, and families experiencing service-related separation, know what support and services are available and how to access them.
  • Ease the process for families who are currently settling into their new community.

As a Family Sponsor, you will have training and support from your local MFRCs. You’ll get the skills needed to reach out to those families in need of support. Please consider volunteering today. You can find more info here, including some Frequently Asked Questions.


For more information on the RCAF Family Sponsor program, please contact the Coordinator's Assistant at: Dani.porter@comoxmfrc.ca or at 250-339-8211 ext 6694. All other inquiries can be directed to: volunteers@comoxmfrc.ca.