Deployment Book

Deployment Book

Our Deployment Book 
The Edmonton Garrison MFRC has developed a volunteer driven resource for military families. "Our Deployment Book" is a custom-made book template for families with children who are about to or are currently experiencing a deployment. This resource is intended to help children understand what a deployment will mean for their family and can be read throughout the deployment as a comfort.

MFRC Volunteer Nicola developed this resource to help her son prepare for the upcoming deployment of a parent and thought it could be beneficial to other military families. She brought her book to the MFRC and helped design a template and messaging for a user-friendly book that would relate to other military families. 

Military families are able to create their own custom "Our Deployment Book" with their personal photos and information, creating a familiar and relatable story for their children. 

In order to make an easy to use and also accessible template, Canva was chosen as the platform for the template. Canva is a simple graphic-design tool which allows users to simply drag-and-drop photos into a pre-designed template. This tool can be used from most up-to-date computers and tablets making the book accessible wherever there is internet service.

Military families will need to create a log-in and be aware of Canva's privacy policy and terms of use ( When it comes to privacy, Canva cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to defeat their security measures or use personal information for improper purposes. There is the possibility of risk, so it is advisable to only upload content that does not violate OPSEC. Do not post the specific location of the deployed member, or the specific date of their return. 

If you have questions about this resource, or if you would like to create a book for your family please reach out to the MFRC.
Steps to create your own book:
  1. Click on link:
  2. Use template.
  3. Canva will ask you to log in and create a free account.
  4. Review Canva’s privacy policy.
  5. Create your own copy of the template.
  6. Update the text with your family information.
  7. Rotate the dotted line on the map to the country of the deployment.
  8. Replace the images with your own by using the upload  icon, or use any of the applicable free images available with Canva! 
  9. Add pages and messaging that works for your family. (See attached for additional messages that may help your family talk about feelings or go into more explanation for older children.
  10. Customize the book to suit your families needs and interests
  11. On the top right, click the arrow to download a PDF of the book (the PDF will appear in the bottom left of your screen).
  12. Read online or print a copy to read together! 
  13. To find the document again, look in the “shared with you” folder.
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