FORCE Evaluation
During the COVID-19 situation, FORCE Testing is restricted to the following priority criteria: 1. Deployment; 2. Component/Occupational Transfer; 3. Required courses for FORCE Generation (BMQ, BMOQ, DP, BTL, etc); 4. Individual/Collective essential training; and 5. Approval by the PSP Fitness & Sports Manager

FORCE Evaluation

FORCE Tests details:
Location - Court C of the Fieldhouse
Days - Weekdays
Timings - 1300 hrs and 1400 hrs slots
# of CAF members being tested - 4/slot

For CAF members requiring a FORCE Test (as per above), please contact to request a test.

FORCE Evaluation documents and information can be found at:

Looking for information on the FORCE Rewards program, check it out at: