Health Care

Health Care

Alberta Health Care (AHC) Insurance Plan

All permanent residents of Alberta must register themselves and their dependants with the (AHC) Insurance Plan. A permanent Alberta resident is a person who has the legal right to remain in Canada, makes Alberta his/her permanent home and is committed to being physically present in Alberta for at least 183 days in a 12-month period.

If you are moving to Alberta from within Canada, Alberta Health will waive the three-month waiting period for military families. To qualify for the exemption the family must provide proof of military status with their application and the required registration validation forms.  You can use the following as proof of military status:  military ID Card, special passport, personnel record resume, posting message with a photo ID, or letter from the MFRC with on letterhead confirming military status. 

Eligible dependants are a spouse or adult interdepent partner, a child under the age of 21 unmarried and wholly dependent on the parents, a child who is 21 or older, unmarried and wholly dependent on the parents because of physical or mental disabilities or a child who is under 25 years of age and enrolled in three, or more courses at an accredited educational institute and enrolled on the parent(s) account.

Once you have registered for an AHC card you will have access to the public health care system, including medical checkups and hospital visits. In order to apply for AHC Insurance Plan coverage please visit Alberta Health's website to download the form or go in person to a registry office. All Registry locations across Edmonton will have these forms. Registry locations can be found by going to Service Alberta. Phone (780) 427-1432 for more information. 

Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides comprehensive information about all the health services in Edmonton and the Capital region, with listings for hospitals, public health centres, care facilities, clinics and emergency services. You can even contact them to find a family physician fluent in your native language. For more information call (780) 427-1432 or visit Alberta Health Services.

Health Care Resources and Information

Alberta Health and Wellness
Their website contains information about how to access health care services.
T. (780) 427-7164

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta
Contact a family physician using the online tool provided by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

Health Link Alberta
Health Link Alberta is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week telephone health advice service answered by registered nurses. Anyone in the Alberta Health Services region can access Health Link. The result is a more knowledgeable public, fewer hospital visits and healthier communities. If you have a health concern or question call toll free 1-866-408-LINK  ext. 5465.

Calian Military Family Doctor Network

Calian Health, in partnership with Military Family Services (MFS), is pleased to offer the Calian Military Family Doctor Network. The goals of the program are to improve access to quality health care for Canadian Armed Forces families by expediting the process of obtaining a physician and reducing the number of military spouses and children without a family physician.

How Do I Sign Up for the Program?
To access the program simply obtain and complete a referral form by:
1. Contacting your local Military Family Resource Centre
2. Contacting Calian’s Primacy team at 1-877-633-7722 x 550
3. Downloading the Military Family Doctor Network form for your location

What should I expect?
A representative from Calian's Primacy team will be in touch to review your requirements and work with you to help you find a family physician. Physician availability will vary by location.

Who is eligible for the program?
Canadian military families who are not eligible for medical services from the Department of National Defence and who live in one of the locations listed above are encouraged to contact a Calian Primacy Clinic or their local Military Family Resource Centre.