Second Language Training Resources

Second Language Training Resources

The Edmonton Garrison Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) Language Services team helps military families improve or maintain their English or French language skills. There are many options you may want to consider when learning another language, depending on your current abilities, your needs and your motivations. The MFRC is pleased to offer an online and in-person conversation group to military families called For the Love of French. We also offer Rosetta Stone licenses to military families in need of learning another language. 

For the Love of French
Open to: Military spouses/partners and dependants
The MFRC is pleased to offer a program which combines online and in-person conversation group French language training. This program is offered at no cost and on a priority basis to spouses/partners and dependants over the age of 18 from military families (*$50 registration cost, refundable but conditions apply). CAF members, Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Service as well as the Department of National Defence personnel can attend the class only if there are seats remaining after the cut-off date (TBA). 
*The registration cost is non-refundable for CAF members, CFMWS or DND personnel. Military families will receive a $50 registration cost refund upon 85% completion of the course. 

Rosetta Stone
Open to: Military spouses/partners and dependants
One of the beneficial programs we offer is Second Language Training through Rosetta Stone®. This online language training is administered by the MFRC in accordance with the Military Family Services (MFS) program and its policy. 
Please note that the Rosetta Stone® program offered by the MFRC is exclusively offered to military spouses and dependants. As a CAF member, other resources are available through DND. Private Rosetta Stone® licences can be purchased independently by visiting the website.

Some external options for second  language training services are listed below (Please note, this is not an exhaustive list).

ACFA Centralta
Open to: Everyone
The Centralta Regional ACFA is committed to promoting the development of French life and culture within the Francophone community of the Centralta region. ACFA Centralta offers evening French conversation classes in Morinville. 

Alliance Française d’Edmonton
Open to: Everyone
The Alliance Française d’Edmonton offers a variety of French classes for adults, children and companies. Classes are offered in beginner to advanced and tailored to users unique skill sets. 

Open to: CAF members
ALLIES is an online second language training program for CAF members that: 
•  Offers second language content and is organized according to the competency levels of the Canadian Armed Forces Second Language evaluation. 
•  Allows you to practice reading, writing, listening, speaking and maintaining  your language skills.
•  Enables your progress and success to be tracked automatically, which means you can measure your own achievement.

Open to: Everyone
Duolingo is a free online program that will help you learn the “casual” and day-to-day vocabulary in a foreign language. 

Open to: DND employees and CAF members
The Canada School of the Public Service offers useful online courses, practice tests and study aids to help improve your French or English skills and prepare for language evaluations. Department of National Defence (DND) employees and Canadian Armed Forces members can access the full suite of Canada School online courses anytime by logging into your GCcampus account. The courses are free, self-paced, and available on your schedule. Topics include:
•  Language Maintenance Courses
•  Public Service Commission Language Tests Preparation
•  French as a Second Official Language
•  English as a Second Official Language
•  Official Language Courses
•  Job Aids/Videos

Make sure to discuss your second language learning plan with your manager and discuss the support that may be available to help you meet your goals. For more information about official languages and second language learning at Defence, consult the HR-Civilian Official Languages or the Director Official Languages intranet sites.

Open to: Everyone
Mango is a online language learning resource that combines quality content, intelligent technology, and an adaptive algorithm that delivers practical phrases from real situations. Members of the Edmonton Public Library can access MANGO for free. 

St. Albert Further Education
Open to: Everyone
St. Albert Further Education offers a variety of courses, including second language training. 

Sturgeon Adult Learning Council
Open to: Everyone
The Sturgeon Adult Learning Council offers a variety of language courses to the Sturgeon county area around the base. Check out their facebook page for upcoming events. 

Voilà Learning 
Open to:  Military families   
Voilà Learning provides online tutoring, tips, resources, homework support for Math, French and English. This resource was created especially for military families and is offered in both official languages.