Hold Me Tight® Program

Hold Me Tight® Program

The MFRC, in partnership with Base Chaplains, is happy to offer the Hold Me Tight® program to military and veteran families. This program, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, is offered online so you can go through the course at your own pace at home.

The Hold Me Tight® program helps couples:
• Improve their relationship by strengthening your bond.
• Better resolve conflicts and solve problems around common issues like financial difficulties or parenting.
• Have better mental health. 

The program includes videos, teaching segments, exercises and check-in quizzes to guide your and your partner through conversations that will help you build a responsive, caring bond that will carry through when the going gets tough.

For more information or to sign up for a licence, please email intake@mfrcedmonton.com or Padre Deutschmann at Christoph.Deutschmann@forces.gc.ca with your full name and contact phone number. Limited licences are available.