Single Session Counselling

Single Session Counselling

See what a single session of solution-focused counselling can do! With one phone call, MFRC Family Support Workers can offer guidance and a different perspective, focus on your personal strengths and goals, and connect with other supports in your community.
Single session counselling is perfect for:
·  Receiving support in a safe, friendly environment
·  Overcoming challenges
·  Starting on a path toward change
·  Shifting your perspective 

How does single session counselling work?
Single session counselling refers to one 50-minute session. After some background details, we will focus on a current issue and a specific goal for the session.
The session will leave you with some new tools and community resources. Most importantly, you can expect to have your feelings validated and leave the session with a new perspective.

Often, just one session may be enough to help you think more clearly and work through your solution when you are feeling stuck. Our family support workers can help you understand your situation better and discuss ways to move successfully through it. 
No matter what you’re going through, please know that help is available. 

When and where is it offered?
Currently, counselling is available over the phone and online (zoom business). Book a session by:
·  Email us at
·  Call us at 780-973-4011 ext 6300 and ask to speak to our intake worker
·  We will connect with you with the first available family support worker.
Who can use single session counselling?
·    Individuals, couples, and youth from military and veteran families
·    Parental consent from both parents/guardians is required for children under 16 years
·    Counselling for a child or a family with children, a phone call with the parents must be completed before including the children.

Specific MFRC COVID protocols will be communicated to participants prior to program date.