Health for Two

Health for Two Expecting? Health for Two is for You!

Expecting? Health for Two is for You!

Health for Two is an Alberta Health Services program that supports expectant mothers through pregnancy and two months post-birth. The program aims to provide care in various ways such as information, education, and access to health care professionals, and nutritional help throughout the tender time of pregnancy and birth. Perks of the program include access to milk coupons, bus tickets and prenatal vitamins.

Being part of a military family can sometimes present challenges navigating health supports and building a sense of community, Health for Two aims to assist with those challenges while supporting healthy families and healthy pregnancies. 

The Health for Two program will provide military families with more than just professional support, it will also be a connection to community peer support as well. The program is able to give mothers the opportunity to get together and learn from each other, especially as they navigate the journey of parenting.

Registration is ongoing. If you are interested in this program or know someone who could benefit, please call the MFRC at (780) 973-4011 ext. 6300 or email and connect with a program facilitator to set up an appointment.