Emergency Family Care Assistance (EFCA)

Emergency Family Care Assistance (EFCA)

In April 2020, Military Family Services introduced the Emergency Family Care Assistance (EFCA) Policy which supersedes all previous emergency and respite child care policies.

The EFCA Policy aims to provide families with support for their short-term emergency family care requirements when other lines of support provided by the CAF, MFS and Director General Compensation and Benefits are insufficient. Military families are encouraged to have a Family Care Plan (FCP); however, emergencies can happen at any time and prove too challenging for the FCP to accommodate. When emergencies strike the EFCA aims to provide families with an avenue of support.

EFCA needs and eligibility are assessed on a case-by-case basis during times of emergency, absence, illness, injury and loss.

How to Access
On weekdays during business hours, call the MFRC on (780) 973-4011 ext. 6300 and indicate that you are calling for emergency child care. A Family Support Worker will guide you through a series of questions in order to assess your eligibility for support under the EFCA Policy. On weeknights, weekends and holidays, call the Family Information Line (FIL) at 1-800-866-4546 and ask to speak with a Representative.

If you are eligible for support under the EFCA Policy, the appropriate local service providers will be engaged to help you get the support you need. If you are ineligible for support under the policy, you will be redirected to alternative supports and resources to assist you.

Depending on your situation you may need to cover the costs of the services up front and then either MFS or the MFRC will reimburse you for the costs you are eligible for.


Your Family Care Plan

A big step in preparing for a deployment is building a team around you. With preparation and support, the unexpected can be more manageable. You can reduce some of the stress and worry by identifying contacts who are able to step in and help you out when things go awry.


What is a Family Care Plan?

A Family Care Plan is a mandatory Department of National Defence form (DND 2886-E) with a list of individuals who can quickly step in to assist when unforeseen events occur while the CAF member unable to assist due to work obligations or is away due to operational requirements.

Considerations when choosing your contacts:

  • If I become injured, who can I count on to help me?
  • If I am running late, who can pick my children from school/daycare?
  • How long will it take for my back up person to assist?
  • Can my back up person drop everything to assist my children and I?
  • I have to work outside of regular daycare/school hours, who can watch my children?
  • My spouse and I are a dual service couple, what happens if I am tasked away while my spouse is away?
  • Can any of my contacts transport me to an appointment?
  • If my immediate back up person is unavailable, who can I call next?

Beyond a Family Care Plan

In addition to the Family Care Plan, it is helpful to have detailed personal instructions about your child(ren) including medical information, bedtimes, bus-stop times, favourite foods and any other information you would want a caregiver to have. Having this information handy can minimize the stress placed on your child when you are not with them. Military families who are pet owners should also consider adding their pets to their Family Care Plan. 



To see a copy of the Family Care Plan visit:
Find out about CAF Family Care Assistance for Single Parents & Dual Service Couples:

Contact the MFRC

Email: information@mfrcedmonton.com
Phone: (780) 973-4011 ext.6300
Website: www.CAFconnection.ca/Edmonton