Out-of-School Care

Out of School Care

The MFRC's licensed Out-of-School Care program is run out of Guthrie School. The program provides an inclusive, enthusiastic atmosphere for children in grades one to six. 

Families in Alberta are increasingly likely to encounter waiting lists while attempting to secure a place for their children. The MFRC maintains an extensive waitlist which can be upwards of two to three years and is constantly changing. It is recommended that parents add their children on to our waitlist as soon as possible. 

Phone (780) 973-4011 ext. 6300 or visit the MFRC reception to find out about fees and to add your child/ren’s name(s) to the waitlist. 


Children of Full-time serving military members are given priority. Civilian DND employees, Class A Reservists, retired military members and general civilians are accepted into the program on a space available basis; however, they may be given 30 days written notice of termination if their child's spot is required by a Full-time serving military member.