Thriving Minds Series

Thriving Minds Series

The Thriving Minds Series is an interactive hands-on educational program that aims to teach children and youth various methods of coping strategies. Thriving Minds will focus on normalizing the understanding that everyone experiences stressful moments and that it is okay to experience difficult emotions. Thriving Minds will be offered as two separate groups in order to allow children/youth to learn how to manage difficult feelings and how to express them in a healthy way that is age-appropriate. 

Location: MFRC
Open to: Military families are given priority, but we welcome other Defence Team families as space is available

Thriving Minds - Coping Skills Bootcamp
Ages: 7-12 years
The Coping Skills Bootcamp will provide children with the opportunity to learn how to cope with difficult situations and feelings as a group through socially distanced interactive games (“find it’ game and bingo). Throughout the boot camp, participants will engage in individual activities that allow them to practice various coping strategies. Participants will then create their own take-home coping tool kit using the tools and strategies practised throughout the program.

Thriving Minds - Coping Through Creativity
Ages: 10-17 years
Coping Through Creativity will provide youth with the opportunity to learn how to cope with stressful moments and difficult feelings through a creative activity (i.e. painting). Throughout the activity discussions about coping with situations can be held, and specific skills will be practised (i.e. breathing or progressive muscle relaxation). Participants will be presented with a take-home coping tool kit.

Specific MFRC COVID protocols will be communicated to participants prior to program date.