Kingsway Mall Bus Trip  

The MFRC Youth Centre will be bussing to Kingsway Garden Mall! Youth ages 9-17 are invited to join MFRC Youth Centre staff as we head to the Kingsway Garden Mall for a shopping expedition!  Teen’s ages 13-17 years will be allowed to explore the mall with scheduled check in times.  Preteen’s ages 9-12 years will be required to stay with staff at all times. There is no cost to attend. Spending money provided is at parent’s discretion. Bus will depart the MFRC at 12:15pm, please arrive at the Youth Centre no later than 12:00pm.  Bus will return to the MFRC by 4:30pm. 
Date: August 21 | Register by Aug. 14 at the Youth Centre during summer hours, a waiver must be signed to confirm registration.
Location: Meet at the MFRC Youth Centre by noon Open to: Youth from Military and Veteran families