All facilities are closed and all recreation programs and services are suspended until further notice.

Arena Operated by Personnel Support Programs

Bldg 185, Mons Ave, CFB Edmonton
PO Box 10500 Stn Forces
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 4J5
780-973-4011 x.4332
Staff Directory
Arena Manager
Jeff Wonnick
780-973-4011 x4332
Recreation Coordinator
Adrienne Divinagracia
780-973-4011 x4694
Facilities Coordinator
Rodger Fraser
780-973-4011 x4668
Community Recreation Manager
Ken Brunton
780-973-4011 x4694
For Military Personnel
Military Sports Coordinator
Brad Hollett
780-973-4011 x4322
Military Fitness Coordinator
Jordan Leeming
780-973-4011 x4324
Military Fitness & Sports Manager
Graeme Hill
780-973-4011 x.4326