Fitness Centre
All facilities are closed and all recreation programs and services are suspended until further notice. If you require assistance, please e-mail us at .

Fitness Centre Operated by Personnel Support Programs

Bldg 185, Mons Ave, CFB Edmonton
PO Box 10500 Stn Forces
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 4J5
780-973-4011 x.4392 
Staff Directory
Membership Services Supervisor
Adrienne Divinagracia
780-973-4011 x4694
Aquatics Coordinator
Carlee Schaefer
780-973-4011 x4694
Fitness & Communications Coordinator
Jennifer Edworthy
780-973-4011 x4694
Recreation & Camp Coordinator
Jennifer Selbee
780-973-4011 x4694
Facilities Coordinator
Rodger Fraser
780-973-4011 x4668
Recreation Manager
Ken Brunton
780-973-4011 x4694
For Military Personnel
Military Fitness Coordinator
Brad Hollett
780-973-4011 x4355
Military Sport Coordinator
Melanie Thompson
780-973-4011 x4322
Military Fitness and Sports Manager
Graeme Hill
780-973-4011 x4326