MFRC 30 years

MFRC Celebrates 30 Years!

2020 marks a major milestone for the MFRC as we celebrate our 30th year of support to military families!

The MFRC has grown from its roots offering childcare and playschool in a shared building in Griesbach, to a flourishing community-driven resource. The MFRC has expanded to offer programs to help families with integration, deployments, mental health, transitions, volunteering, children's development, employment, special needs and more.

"Reflecting on our long history allows us the opportunity to observe how programs and services have changed to meet the needs of the community, how families have changed and how the MFRC has continued to build a community of families helping families. Throughout the journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure families the highest levels of support in each step of their journey." 
Kaet Corbould, MFRC Board Chair

The end of the fiscal year saw the closure of our doors due to the COVID-19 virus, however, we quickly moved our essential services online or over the phone. This shut down caused our childcare and in-person programs to close temporarily. The safety of our staff and users remains our top priority which is why several new health and safety protocols are currently in place for the opening of our licensed child care programs. The re-opening of additional childcare, parenting programs and youth centre are dependent on our ability to meet provincial guidelines. Our licensed childcare services reopened in the summer and in-person programs resumed in August with limited numbers to ensure the safety of all participants. Despite the challenges, our team remains committed to serving military families as they experience postings, absences, and solo parenting.
"MFRC Staff and Board understand the military life experience, which is why programs and services are tailored and personalized to meet their unique challenges. Thank you to the Board Members, staff and volunteers who have made a difference in the lives of military families."
Roza Parlin, MFRC Executive Director

Read our Annual General Report for a snapshot of our programs and services.