Deployment Support

Deployment Support

Whether your family is preparing for a loved one’s deployment or work-related absence, the MFRC Deployment Team provides resources, programs, information and referral to assist you and your family before, during and after the absence (extended course, exercise, overseas mission, or temporary duty).

Families are encouraged to reach out to the Deployment Support Team for a pre-deployment package and to subscribe to the monthly deployment calendar. 

Services offered

  • Emergency and Respite Childcare (must qualify, ask for details) 
  • Information and referral services
  • Outreach, support & assistance
  • Pre-Deployment Checklist and Package
  • Resources, programs, activities, workshops and special events
  • Unit and Family Briefings

Additional Services

If your loved one is deployed longer than 90 days, there may be additional support available upon request including:
  • Build-a-Bear gift card
  • Keep-in-Touch Service (let us know if you would prefer to connect by email or over the phone)


Jenny Greyling
Deployment Coordinator
780-973-4011 Ext.6304