Personnel Support Programs

Personnel Support Programs

Bldg 181, Churchill Ave
CFB Edmonton
PO 10500, Stn Forces
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 4J5

Personnel Support Programs (PSP) is an operating division of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services.  PSP operates a wide range of facilities, programs, services, and events at all Canadian Forces Bases across the country and overseas. In Edmonton, PSP operates the local Messes, Fitness Centre, Arena, Golf & Curling Club, Community Centre, Equestrian Centre, Hobby Shop and a variety of smaller locations.  PSP is divided into several departments and there are a number of frontline management staff available to assist you.  Please refer below for their contact information.
Staff Directory
Senior Manager, PSP
Bill Pigden
780-973-4011 x4710
Deputy Manager, PSP
Brad Miller
780-973-4011 x4718
Manager, Community Recreation
Ken Brunton
780-973-4011 x4725
Golf & Curling Club Manager
Matt Gawley
For Military Personnel
Officer's Mess Manager
Vaughn Purcell
780-973-4011 x
Sr NCOs & Jr Ranks Mess Manager
Betty Jo Dawson
780-973-4011 x
Manager, Military Fitness & Sports
Graeme Hill
780-973-4011 x
Manager, Health Promotion
Rick Dennis
780-973-4011 x