Request a Reservation

Request a Reservation


Make a Reservation

As a part of the Edmonton Garrison Fitness Centre's COVID-19 Response Plan all patrons using the facility must have a reservation.  These reservations are needed in order to comply with the maximum occupancy limit in each area of the Fitness Centre.   Please follow the link below in order to make a reservation.  All reservations are a maximum of 50 minutes.  Clients requiring additional time may make back to back reservations; however, they will be required to exit the facility after each reservation and return to the main entrance for the start of their next reservation.  Reservations submitted less 30 minutes in advance of the timeslot requested will require additional verification on site.  Please keep a copy of your reservation for your arrival should staff members have any questions.  Patrons without a confirmed reservation will be unable to access the facility.  Patrons arriving at the facility without a reservation will have the option to make a reservation in person from the line up outside the building provided the space requested is available.

Please check the Fitness Centre main page for hours of operation and Facilities Available page for the hours of individual areas inside the Fitness Centre.  Note that not all areas will be open the full duration of the Fitness Centre hours of operation.  Facilities are closed periodically for cleaning.

The new reservation system will require first time users to make account.  If you already have an existing account please proceed directly to the facilities tab and select the appropriate room and time for your reservation.  Please note that station numbers are not tied to any physical location in our rooms, but are rather a function of our software to track occupancy.