Auto Club

Auto Club

Welcome to the Edmonton Garrison Auto Club.  The Hobby Shop provides a fully functional, “Do-It Yourself” garage to perform auto services. The Auto Shop includes a wash bay, two prep-booths, a paint booth, and six work bays, two of which have hoists. All of the tools and necessary equipment are available for loan in order to complete most minor and major repairs to your vehicle. If your project is long term, we also have stalls in our compound for you to store your vehicle while you work on it. The compound stalls are rented monthly and the bays inside the shop are rented on an hourly basis.  The rates are very affordable and the facility will accommodate your needs.

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Building 168, Range Road 244, CFB Edmonton
Lancaster Park, Alberta
T0A 2H0

Auto Club Hours of Operation
Tuesday to Friday: 1700hrs-2200hrs
Saturday & Sunday: 1000hrs-1800hrs
* Bays are allocated on a first come first serve basis. There are NO reservations. The bays with hoists are usually the first to be rented. Early arrival is recommended.

Contact Information
780-973-4011 x4228

New memberships require a safety walk around of the facility, and an equipment familiarization in order to ensure that you are aware of the hazards associated with certain machinery/equipment in the shop. Thus reducing the likelihood of an injury.
Below is a list of the personnel that you may direct your questions to.
Cpl Gary Schouten

Vice President
Mcpl Luke Hooper
Mcpl Malcolm Mccully

Cpl Steven Prosser

Compound Supervisor/ Chief Attendant
Cpl Alexander Sénéchal

Fire wardens/Hazmat reps
Cpl Zack Clapin
Steven Tomkin

Club Members 
Most of our club members are Canadian Forces personnel from the CFB Edmonton area. Some Auto Hobby Club members are retired members of the Canadian Forces.