​Drivers Licence, Vehicle Insurance & Registration

​Drivers Licence, Vehicle Insurance & Registration

Once you move to Alberta you have a maximum of 90 days to obtain an Alberta driver’s licence, registration and insurance for your vehicle. Obtaining all three of these require going to a registry office and an insurance provider (usually two different businesses). If you are a CAA or affiliated member you can go to AMA (Manning location) and do it all at one location.  

Before you begin this process you may require the following documentation:
  • Your current Driver’s Licence from your previous province of residence.
  • Your Military ID card.
  • Either a utility bill, bank statement, major credit card statement, a lease agreement through a rental company, mortgage documents, current paystub, posting message that has your name and Alberta address on it. This statement gives proof of your residency in Alberta. 
  • A “claims experience” letter from as many of your past vehicle insurance providers as possible. The more “clean driving” history you can prove the lower your rates will be here in Alberta.
  • A driver’s abstract from as many of your past vehicle insurance providers as possible. 
Once you have collected the above listed documents visit your nearest registry office (see below) and start the process. Depending on when your vehicle was manufactured it may have to go through an “Out of Province Vehicle Inspection” at a licensed garage before your vehicle can be registered. One of the closest garages to the Garrison that is licensed to perform Out of Province Vehicle Inspections is the North-end Canadian Tire (see below). Visit www.transportation.alberta.ca/2821.htm to locate an Alberta inspection facility in your area. 

Alberta One Stop Registries
12804 137 Avenue 
 T. (780) 457-7867

In & Out Registry - North East Registry 
13058 50 St, Edmonton
T. (780) 473-8899 
F. (780) 473-7237

Northtown Registry Services Ltd. 
15359 97 St, Edmonton 
T. (780) 473-5724 
West-End Registries
10011 – 170 Street NW
T. (780) 483-8211