Helping Children Stay in Touch

Helping Children Stay in Touch During a Deployment

Support Our Troops is offering new funding opportunities for current serving CAF families in Alberta! The Support Our Troops Fund receives proceeds from the sale of Support Our Troops license plates in Alberta. This funding will support the following:

Helping Children Stay in Touch during a deployment of 90 days or more! 

For families supporting children of deployed members, up to $250 per family may be available to assist with the purchase or subsidization of a tablet/iPAD. The intent of this support is to help children stay connected via social media with the parent that is away from home.
  • This is a one-time purchase.
  • Phones are not included in this program.
  • CAF member’s deployment date(s) and location.
  • Member must be deployed a minimum of 90 days (90 consecutive days must be reflected on the CFTPO “in theatre” or “in training” and the deployment must extend 90 or longer. Travel days are not included.)
  • Funding can be requested no more than two weeks before the deployment (as indicated on the CFTPO). We must receive confirmation that the member HAS deployed before sending in the application.
Supporting documentation required: copies of CFTPO, MPRR (reflecting number of children), paid receipt and completed SOT forms. For reimbursement, a Pre-Authorized Debit Form or Void Cheque (joint account or the CAF member’s account) is also required.

Contact the Deployment Coordinator for more details on these requirements. 
P. (780) 973-4011 ext. 6304