Audeamus- Volunteer Service Dog in Training Program

Dare to make a DIFFERENCE
The Edmonton Garrison MFRC is pleased to partner with AUDEAMUS to support their volunteer Service Dog in training program.
The MFRC is seeking volunteers to sponsor a puppy who will be considered for AUDEAMUS Service Dog Training. Volunteers will be required to care for the puppy prior to their service dog training, by offering basic obedience and socialization, as well as to evaluate the puppy’s suitability in the program. Volunteers must be able to provide full-time consistent care of the puppy prior to their training and return to the AUDEAMUS program.
To apply or for more information, please contact the MFRC Foster Coordinator:
(780) 973-4011 ext. 6300
AUDEAMUS provides certified, specially trained service dogs and ongoing support to people suffering from mental or physical disabilities to relieve conditions associated with a disability with a view to improving their independence as well as their physical and emotional well-being. Visit for more information.