2018 Personal Training
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2018 Personal Training Jump Start your fitness!

Personal Training Packages
Register for our personal training packages and jump start your fitness program. Personal Training is designed using a ‘results based’ approach to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our qualified fitness trainers can customize a program to meet your needs whether you are a beginner, have specific training goals or a seasoned athlete. Choose from private sessions or book semi-private sessions for you and a friend or family member.
Code: F18REC416
One on One Private Training Sessions (1hr)
$50 for 1 session
$150 for 3 sessions
$225 for 5 sessions
$399 for 10 sessions

Have a small group that wants to work out together? You pick the time, date, and style of workout you’re looking for and we will connect you with a trainer.
Code: F18REC416
Semi-Private Training Sessions (1hr) 2 - 6 people
$36 p/person for 1 session
$108 p/person for 3 sessions
$170 p/person for 5 sessions
$299 p/person for 10 sessions
Register for this PSP Adult Program by contacting PSP Recreation at
250-363-1009 or by stopping into the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre (CPAC) or Naden Athletic Centre Kiosks.
SAVE TIME and MONEY by registering ONLINE at